Thursday, October 28, 2010

recording our worship

So if you know me..even just a know I love music. I've always loved music. And you know I love singing. In recent years however, I don't just like 'music' and I don't just want to 'sing'. I love WORSHIP. I love singing to Jesus. That's the easiest way I know how to communicate my feelings to Him. When I sing I am expressing my deepest feelings of love, gratitude, and joy. I can sing to Him when feelings of despair or sadness wash over me. It just overflows from the deepest part of my being.. it's something I can't even explain in words.

For years I had dreams of recording an album and actually was very close to doing just that as a teenager. I wanted to record an album for ALL the wrong reasons. SELFISH reasons. You know..fame, money, praise, ect. In the end I allowed the fear of failure to take away that dream by choosing to walk away (something I still regret at times).

But God is good. He is faithful. And he keeps his promises. This coming Sunday I will have the opportunity to record LIVE at Petra Christian Fellowship with an amazing group of musicians from our Worship Department! I am beyond excited to have this opportunity. Although I walked away from music years ago my dream of recording never died. The one thing that did change was my heart. I have no desire to be rich and famous (well rich wouldn't be so bad--teehee). My only desire is to bring glory to JESUS. The one who saved me. The one who has changed me (and continues to change) from the inside out. The only one who is worthy of fame. My desire (and the desire of the team) is to bring glory to Christ, bring others to know him, and help those who do know him enter straight into his throne room. We can only do that with HIS anointing.

I have had the time of my life working on this project and working with such gifted musicians. It is insane to watch a song go from lyrics and simple melody lines to an all out completed (and pretty rockin') song! God has gifted me in singing but I didn't get much in the creativity department (and that's fine). So it just boggles me to watch these guys make music! We have a pretty cool team and I'm so blessed to be working with everyone involved.

So come on out to Petra this Sunday! We'll be recording both services (9 am and 11am). We need all the voices we can get. So come and worship with us (then you can say you're on an album too)! If you can't join us please cover us in prayer!! Thank you friends!!:)


  1. So awesome! I recorded an album with our worship team a couple of years ago. It was a pretty cool experience- although I was sick the day we put my vocals down and I had morning sickness cause I was prego with Caleb (but didn't know it!). It was a ton of work but we were pleased with how it turned out. I felt like a rock star with those headphones on! Try not to be nervous- just remember you're singing for an audience of one and He doesn't really care what your voice sounds like. Make a joyful noise!

  2. hey I'm just blog hopping so popped over to say hello. I love your blog, it looks fascinating. I look forward to reading more in the future. I hope you'll take a trip on over to mine.

  3. How exciting! We have such a busy day tomorrow or else I'd love to try to make it... When will the album be released then? ~Jen McG.