Monday, November 1, 2010


I woke up in a tizzy this morning. I knew I had a lot to do today and I knew our week was jam packed. I don't like that. I don't like rushing my family from one thing to another. I don't like being so busy that I can't stop to enjoy my family or my cup of coffee or notice the beauty around me, like the leaves changing color on the trees (I'm literally surrounded by beautiful trees but only seem to notice the annoying leaves that have already fallen).

So after huffing around for the first 20 minutes of my day, I stopped and said a prayer, gave myself a pep talk and apologized to Andy for attempting to make him miserable as well (he always wakes up cheery and it's semi annoying when I wake up cranky). He was quick to forgive and he even did the dishes before leaving for work so I could cross that off my to do list. (THANK YOU ANDY!!!)

I am quick to get overwhelmed and consumed by all that needs done in a day. I literally need to say "OK stop and eat". That's what I'm doing now. Taking a lunch break. Why shouldn't I? Anyone who works full time gets an hour lunch break. Why can't I SIT to eat my lunch and update my facebook status or blog (or both). Or flip on 'A Baby Story' for a half hour? I don't know maybe I'm lazy? Or maybe I'm a better mother and wife when I STOP. I'm much less cranky, stressed and overwhelmed when I take those little breaks throughout my day. And I know my family (especially Andy) appreciates a happy, pleasant to be around wife and mommy as opposed to an immaculate house. You know the saying "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" HA! This is true in our house:)

Andy and I are attempting to live a life that isn't over scheduled and hectic--something that seems impossible in the year 2010--everyone is busy ALL the time! Soccer, dance lessons, PTA, homework, church activities, it goes on and on and on....We do our best to find the balance in everything, but I'm realizing more and more that stopping needs to be a priority. Whether that means sitting down to dinner together every night and talking about our day, or watching a movie with Andy after the girls are in bed (which we just did last night), or just simply taking a lunch break! We need to STOP. Rest our bodies. Enjoy our families. Enjoy LIFE.

Well my lunch break (which has been interrupted about 50 times by a four year old who is having 'quiet time') is coming to a close. Time to finish the laundry and clean up the house before our company comes tonight! Have a fabulous day! Don't forget to STOP and enjoy it!


  1. Nice post. Jackie would say that I STOP all to often! What movie did ya watch and I'll be expecting my dinner invitation sometime soon ;)

  2. I completely appreciate your outlook, Sarah!
    Curt and I are committed to keeping our lives as SIMPLE as possible. Just because something is 'good' does not mean it is good for our family. Our October calendar was unusually full, and by the end of the month, I felt it!
    (and I know the children did too). I assured Curt we literally have NOTHING on our calendar for November, and we were both relieved. At this point, with 5 little ones, keeping it simple is more a matter of sanity then anything else...but as they get older, as oddball as we will appear, I do NOT want to be running all different directions, unable to eat dinner together or just BE. There is just something unhealthy about that...and I am not sure that we were meant to go at the breakneck speed everyone seems to be going in.
    SO....take your break, watch your Birth Story and let your girl's 'do nothing' for a while...I personally think it's not only a good idea, but a VERY HEALTHY ONE! (and when reading all that you wrote about your husband, his name could have easily been replaced by my own husband! I always say Curt is far nicer than I...and when he's nice and I'm grumpy: MAJOR ANNOYANCE!!!). ;)
    Ok, I'm done.