Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a nap (and some cookies)

So I've decided that every Wednesday I will post about the little things.
I will choose one little thing for the day that brings a smile to my face or has brightened that particular day.

Today that little thing was a NAP.
( it's only 11:00am)
The Byler household has not been getting enough sleep over the last several weeks
(for many reasons).
We are all a tad tired and cranky.

After rushing around this morning to get Sophie off to school and a trip to the store, I wasn't feeling well (I've been having bouts of dizziness the last couple of days--probably thanks to my crazy low blood pressure). I decided I had to lay down for a few minutes before making several dozen cookies for Friday's Big Fall Fest!

I told Ruby she could watch a movie, but she said "I want to lay down with you and snuggle" :) I fell asleep for 10 minutes or so as Ruby rubbed my back and twirled my hair. I woke up and she was smiling at me and said "hi Mama, can we bake cookies now?"

I'm glad I decide to stop and rest and snuggle my baby (well she's my baby for now).
These are the little moments I will cherish forever a
nd I'm going to enjoy them instead of feeling guilty.

Well, I'm off to bake cookies (and hopefully sneak a few licks from the bowl afterwards)

(a short time later..cookies are in the oven and Ruby is napping is a good day)
Here is a peek at our baking session.

:) the little things.


  1. This is what it's all about!!!

  2. Perfect day to put a nap on the top of the list!

  3. ha. ha. naps are GLORIOUS. i take FAR too few of them. it should be a daily requirement...and cookies...they should be a daily requirement too. ;) plus you need to get some extra zzzz's to account for the extra kids you'll be having friday. smiles. mis.

  4. Yummy cookies! I agree... the little things mean the most!

  5. Awwww! Cutie pie! Good job, mama! I have one of those snuggle-bugs, too! It's glorious!