Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Size Me.


I know I'm a little behind the times but I just watched

I don't know what else to say.

But there will be some changes in this household.
I need to ponder what these changes will be
(and discuss with Andy, who was equally disturbed)!

I do know...
No more fast food.
No more school lunches
(which we only buy when I want to sleep an extra 10 min--guess i'll go to bed 10 min early).
And you know what?
I AM going to get those chickens I was thinking about!
And I AM going to start a garden this spring
(and take care of it)!

Like I said, I need to ponder some more.

Any movie or literature suggestions on this subject would be appreciated.


  1. Hey- Supersize me is disturbing. I've too has said (many of times to Brian) that there will be no more fast food. Period. However, we never stick to it. I think b/c it's easy (this pertains more so to Brian and I eating it) and I do admit that I was craving it with my pregnancy- so gross. I've also talked about starting a garden but nobody in my house will eat veggies! I serve them at every meal (always have) but they don't eat them! My friend, Marc, actually works in this business. He goes around to farms and makes sure the cows are eating what they should and producing the kind of milk they should. He could get me literature to get you. He's a good one to talk to about this stuff because he truly does know both sides. When you are done pondering, tell me what you've decided. Maybe I'll give it a try the whole mail thing!

  2. I invite you to visit my good friend, Kristen's blog at
    She too is walking down a more 'natural' path (without being a total 'food nazi' about it) and has some great recipes and practical ways to start eating naturally! You would love her!