Sunday, January 18, 2015

a beautiful truth.

You know that feeling.
Standing in front of the mirror
as you get ready for your big date night.

Hair in a towel.
Feeling excited as you put your red lipstick on.
Then you see it.
The pimple.
Next to the pimple ... a wrinkle.

Your eyes wander down to the dreaded 
"don't even look there" zone.
We'll call it the tummy region.

35 years old.
3 (BIG) babies.
3 c-sections.
Gallbladder surgery.
and the scar from that belly ring from wild days gone by.

Disgust takes over.
'I will never look the way I did when I met him.'
'I will never look like the Victoria Secret model'
 (that I think he so desires).

Then you see him staring at you in the mirror.
It's all over his face. 

The truth.

You see exactly what he's thinking.

He thinks you're beautiful.
Like, really beautiful.


But as his bride.
He has seen every pregnancy, 
was there through each surgery, 
and has watched the wrinkles slowly form on your face.

And in that second
you know it's true.
This truth penetrates deep into your heart for the first time.
You are his beloved.

His eyes may be tempted at times to look astray.
But they always return to you.
You are what he wants.
You are what he has always wanted.
And he desperately wants you to believe that.

Finally, I believe it.

I pray you can too.