Monday, February 28, 2011

he loves me.

So I discovered a few things tonight.
I discovered I am self absorbed, proud, selfish, and judgmental.
{I'm sure there are other things I could add to this list
but these were the specific ones brought to my attention}.

Not by a person but by the Holy Spirit.

Ouch. Not the way I'd like to describe myself.
God revealed these things to me but the point of revealing them was not
to bring me down or point out all my flaws
{I do believe he pointed these out because they need corrected}
but after pointing them out he said,
"I love you"

He loves me.
This woman full of pride and selfishness.
This woman who judges and puts herself higher than others.
He loves me.
He calls me beloved.
He delights in me.
He calls me daughter.

I've been thinking about this all day.
Why? How?
How can God love a person like me?

I will never understand his love for me.
But I have felt it. I have experienced it.
It is real. It is powerful. It is life changing.

No matter where you are,
No matter how terrible a person you may think you are,
He. Loves. You.

His greatest desire is for you to know that love.
Really know his love.

We all carry baggage, we all sin, we all fall short..
don't let those things keep you from experiencing Christ.
The devil will desperately try to hold those things over you
to keep you from the love of God, because he knows if you experience
God's love, you will be FOREVER changed and he will no longer
have a grip on you and your life.

God sees past our ugliness. He sees past the mistakes.
He knows our failures and our weaknesses--yet

He loves you.
Is your heart pounding out of your chest as you read this?
That's him.
Let him love you.


  1. He rejoices over you with singing! Zephaniah 3:17

    This post and the song you have playing here on your site are just a happy swirl of God's love all around