Tuesday, February 1, 2011

prayers for kate and michael

I feel sick in my stomach.
In the last 5 minutes I read of 2 sweet little children
and their battles with cancer.

So many questions?

Would you please take a moment to pray for these sweet
children and their families?
I know I feel so helpless in these situations,
yet I know the power of prayer.
Take a moment to lift them up, would you?

First is beautiful, precious Kate.
She is 6 and battling a rare form of brain cancer.
They received devastating news today.
Click here for an update from her mom, Holly.

Pray for Kate

Second is a little preschool friend, Michael.
They found a tumor on his kidney on Christmas Eve.
They found more on his lungs.
He will have his kidney removed tomorrow.
He is 4 years old.

Please lift these sweet little ones up in prayer.
Cover their families.

I'll never understand things like this.
I have the same question as innocent Kate
"Why didn't Jesus heal me, daddy?"

Still believing for miracles!

1 comment:

  1. This is heart-breaking... my worst nightmare for sure, that anything should happen to my girls. I will add both these kids in my prayers. <3