Saturday, February 5, 2011

a balancing act

We all know what a balancing act life can be.
Family, friends, work, God time, fun time, alone time.
How do you prioritize?
How do you make sure every area gets the proper attention?
How do you avoid burn out?
Do you do things to please others?
Are you being selfish with your time?

I'm not writing to give you some profound answer,
I'm writing because these are the questions I've been asking myself.

The last months have been quite the balancing act.
I rarely feel well, so I put a lot of thought into "what will I do today?"
If I choose to clean for the day,
that means no going out with girlfriends in the evening.
If I choose to go to the party, that means no cleaning or dinner for my family.

I'm doing my best to balance everything and everyone
but it is honestly overwhelming trying to decide
everyday what/who is most important.
I have come to the conclusion that until the baby arrives and we are settled
into our new house I need to be home.
Plain and simple. Home.
I need to use all my energy in being sure my family is taken care of.
Clean clothes, dinner on the table, energy to play and read with the kids,
not to mention packing!
..and all with a smile:)

I'm sorry if you've felt neglected by me.
NOT my intention. My friends mean so much to me.
But my family must come first.

I'm happy to report that my first week of hello mornings has
been super successful and has helped me so much
with this fine balancing act
(and has also helped me come to this conclusion).

to the day I can resume life as I once knew it
but for now forgive me (and please take no offense)
as I hunker down and love on my family for the next 6 weeks
(actually give me 10 weeks as I'll need to recover, adjust to baby AND move)!

My blog and facebook shall be my lifeline until then:)

1 comment:

  1. You won't be sorry you decided to simplify. It's sometimes hard but always worth it when you feel God directing you in that way. Life can get so hectic we can forget to prioritize. Get some rest :)