Wednesday, February 9, 2011

small steps on this big journey

If you recall a few weeks ago I received a
great revelation from the Lord,

If you also recall I was a bit surprised
at the simplicity in these instructions
and was hoping for something a little "bigger" or more "spiritual"

I figured I should not argue..
there must be a reason for this.

I have been successful in my new routine and have reaped the rewards.
Here are some of the things I've been seeing and learning:

1) I am wired for routine.
I love waking up and doing the exact same thing every morning.
I love to eat the exact same thing for breakfast.
I love walking out the door at the exact same time every day.
Like I said,I am wired for routine
(ok and have a mild case of OCD).

Just having a routine has helped start my days off on a good note.

2) I have seen major changes in my whole family!
I think I wrote before that this saying applies to our house
"If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"
For whatever reason my attitude can set the whole tone for our house!?
Since I've begun this new routine
the whole vibe in our house has changed.

No more struggling to get the kids ready on time,
no more yelling before the sun has risen.
Instead we all sit and have breakfast together.
Why? Because we have TIME!

What better way to start the day.
No more rushing, yelling, or slamming of doors.

3) I am learning my new routine is actually 'self discipline'.
And I'm learning I apparently don't have much self discipline!
Just getting to bed early is a fight
but I'm learning I must discipline myself.

Some mornings I wake right up and have my coffee but then
I don't feel like reading my Bible
but I open it regardless of what I feel like doing.

This discipline has overflowed into other areas..
Cleaning up the kitchen before bed, making my bed in the morning,
brushing my hair everyday
(you'd be surprised the things I try to avoid doing in a day).

I have a long ways to go but I'm learning. And I like it.

4) The biggest reward from all of this...
Meeting with God every morning. Hearing his voice.
I often think, 'I wish I heard from the Lord like So and So.'
They must be so spiritual.

No. They must spend time with the Lord!
I've been hearing the Lord so clearly throughout my days the last week.
He has given me words to encourage others with,
he has prompted me to make phone calls that I wouldn't have otherwise,
He's shown me the areas I really need to be working on,
And he has been present throughout my day in a real way.

The original instructions of going to bed and waking up early
may have seemed simple, even silly at first.
But I'm seeing now how huge it is going to be in my life.
In my everyday practical life, and in my spiritual journey.
I think this simple act of obedience will lead to greater revelation
and a deeper growth than I thought possible.

I'm excited for this journey.
Excited to see where these little steps lead.


  1. Good for you! I love what it's doing for me too - and I absolutely agree with the routine ;) I think it's what I like best - not starting the day trying to wake yourself up while meeting the needs of 2-3-4 other people. I love how I have done some things for me too by the time the others wake up, which means I can disconnect and go about my day without always having "You need to check this" "you need to answer that" "You should schedule/RSVP to this playgroup" "You need to look up a couple of crafts to do with DD1" "You haven't knitting in a looooooong while" "You're behind in your Bible Study" nagging me in the background. I wasn't sure just how much I was liking or not this new routine until I missed out on it yesterday... my whole day was off!

    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Sounds great! I'm glad to read how your morning routine is helping you and your family so much.

    My greatest struggle is getting to bed early enough! It can be so hard to just say, "enough is enough," and shut down the to-do list!

  3. I've been discovering those same things this past week! I am NOT a morning person, but I've realized that when I get up and go about my daily schedule that I do have extra time and things go so much smoother. Still I am struggling with going to bed early, seems like there is just so much I want to do once the kids go to bed. Keep it up and know that I'm right there with you trying to learn my lesson from God too.

  4. This is so cool, Sarah. I've also been thinking about spiritual discipline in my life. It's so great here - we meet each day before school starts to pray AND we have a Bible study for all the women missionaries AND pray before meals AND share Scripture with each other AND hear sermons AND sing worship songs AND witness to people in the towns AND have Bible clubs for kids BUT the only thing is, it's all in Spanish! As awesome as this environment is, I won't grow closer to God if I'm not having personal quiet times with Him... in English.. and remaining faithful to Him.

    I'm also excited to see what God's going to teach you and do in your family. Yay for the Lord working in lives.. and for blogs! :)