Tuesday, February 15, 2011

proud mama

I'm overwhelmed with pride at this moment.

This morning I was not feeling well.
(we've been fighting the stomach bug since friday)
Andy had left for work and I was laying in bed thinking how I
was going to get these girls up and organized for school.

Just then my early {early} riser waltzes in my room
with a cheerful 'Good morning, mommy'
Then she spotted "the bowl"
The bowl has been making it's rounds,
and you do not want to be in possession of the bowl!

She said "oh no, you have the bug!"
Can I get you a Sprite?
My heart melted.
As I lay there sipping my Sprite, I heard lots of banging in the kitchen
She returned to my room shortly after with 2 bowls of fresh fruit,
and said 'I'll feed Ruby breakfast, mom.'
My heart {still melted from the Sprite offer} ooozed with pride.
About an hour later she came in completely dressed, backpack and coat on.
She then informed me she laid clothes out for Ruby
and they were on her bed when I was ready to dress her.

I am feeling MUCH better
{the Lord spared me from what my family had experienced}
I left my bedroom to begin disinfecting and found:
A made bed with Ruby's clothes {completely color coordinated} folded nicely on top.
A toothbrush with a drop of toothpaste ready and waiting for her little sister.
And the empty fruit bowls in the sink.

My six year old completely and totally took care of her mother
and little sister with no one asking her to do so. She went above and beyond
anything I would even think to ask her to do!

I am one proud mama.
{just had to brag a little}


  1. Seriously, not even in my wildest dreams can I imagine such a thing!!! OF COURSE you should brag a little...every act of the entire morning was outstanding!!! Please pass on my regards, and if she is for rent (to train my own), please let me know your rates. ;)

  2. That is so awesome! Way to go big sister! :)


  3. yay! you must be doin' it right girl. kaycee was hoping to get 100 pair of shoes to throw at kaden and the girls when they make her mad. hmmm. :) missy.

  4. Wow..tears. I'm going to read this to my boys. They do stuff like that usually only after being told. I've been keeping you guys in prayer. Thanks for the post. :)

  5. Too cute. I see a lot of Kitty (and of course Bethy) in her.

  6. tears here too! so sweet! love little sophie!

  7. That is awesome! Completely awesome! I hope you feel better soon!