Sunday, February 27, 2011

in awe of my freakishness.

How is this even possible?
I am pregnant as I type this
yet I cannot wrap my head around the fact that
a human being is growing inside of me.

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that my skin
is able to stretch the way it has.

I cannot figure out how I do not just topple over
whenever I attempt to stand or walk .
{i did topple over last week much to my family's amusement}

I am still in awe at the complexity of our bodies.
How God has designed everything to work together.
Every tiny detail.
It truly is amazing.
Mind boggling.

And down right freakish!

6o weeks pregnant


  1. 60 weeks huh? I didn't realize you and elephants were on the same time-table. You look cute either way ;)

  2. Love the belly! I remember after having my girls the first thing I missed was them kicking and moving in my belly. Hope you are feeling well, not too much farther to go!

  3. Adorable! But 60 weeks! Wow, I'm impressed! Good luck momma!! BABY COME OUT ALREADY!!!