Monday, November 29, 2010

thanks for the love.

I'm heading to bed but wanted to say a quick but
to all my dear family and friends!!

Thank you for making this girl feel special
and loved on her 31st birthday.

Today, I enjoyed a quiet home.
I folded laundry, washed dishes and took out the trash
all. by. myself.
In case you're not sure -- this was a GOOD thing!
I love my precious family to death but sometimes I love being alone.
I can think, pray, sing as loud as I want -- I love it!!

Andy was off hunting (he got a nice buck by the way),
and the girls were on the annual Philadelphia trip with my family.
My pregnant self couldn't handle the Philly trip so I opted to stay home
(as opposed to riding in my grandmothers wheelchair).

I was a little bummed to miss the trip but my mom
{I mean, my awesome mom}
was sure to make my birthday happy!
This morning she delivered a suitcase I had my eye on at a yard sale
a few weeks ago but I was too cheap to buy it (imagine that!).
She then told me, there was a gift in each compartment of the suitcase!
I opened a gift every hour or fun:)
(and dad, even though I'm sure you have no idea what you got me )!!

My day was also full of phone calls, text messages, facebook shout outs, and cards.
Thank you all!!

I am grateful for the 31 years I've been blessed with so far
and look forward to what the Lord has for me and my family in the years to come!

Blessings to all of you!


  1. sorry girl. i missed the memo. ;( glad your day was happy without my card. :) hope you are feeling a bit better? mis.

  2. I saw Puppy's photos on FB- what great memories! Remember the one year I got sick and had to sit down on the floor in the department store? Oh, and of course the Christmas Carol exhibit! What fun times! I was wondering if you'd be going this year (you, not the rest of them!). So glad that your birthday was a great one!!

  3. Now THAT sounds like an absolutely, positively GLORIOUS day!!!! (and I knew EXACTLY of what you spoke when saying that household chores done all by your lonesome where a GOOD thing!). Happiest of birthdays to you, pretty woman!