Saturday, November 13, 2010


Remembering Mommom Keim
I was just looking at my calendar to see what next week holds and how I need to prepare (i like to plan ahead).

As my eyes scanned through the week I saw 'Mommom' written on Nov. 16th
2 years ago this Tuesday, my grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Mary Jane Keim
(who we lovingly called MJ, much to her disdain)
She loved shoes and shopping.
Loved being doted on.
And most importantly loved her family.

She definitely added some spice to the fam!
I miss spelling everything I said because she couldn't hear me.
I miss the question she asked EVERY time I saw her.."What do you know?"
(Umm, that's a pretty broad question...)
And I miss receiving the birthday cards with the familiar cursive writing and the generous $2 inside (teehee).

All jokes aside Mary Jane was a woman who everyone remembers as their favorite kindergarten teacher and as a woman who loved the Lord and wanted nothing more than to see her family (ALL of her family) come to know the Lord personally. That is the one thing we both shared...

We loved you and we miss you Mommom.last picture with mommom, mom, and my sisters
i cannot look at this photo without bursting into laughter!
this was the first time mommom held sophie...and probably the last:)
ruby and mommom shared the same birthday.

"What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see..."

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  1. and i got to be one of the ones to have mom-mom Keim for kindergarten. :) she looked exactly the same as i remembered her, when i was six! those are some awesome genes! how are your legs and walking going by now? mis.