Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkey and the tree

We are thankful...

Sarah ~ for a husband who is committed to this journey of life with me, 3 healthy kiddos, a kitchen stocked with food, hot showers, my body pillow

Sophie ~ for my sister and my dad and my mom and my dog Charlie
(we gave the dog away but she's in denial...)

Ruby ~ for dinner, thanksgiving, snow, art supplies

Andy ~ for a healthy family and baby, my job

We are feeling blessed and thankful this Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to spending the day with The Byler family, eating delicious food prepared by my mother-in-law who is a fabulous cook! I can already taste it!! Mmmm.

I'm also really looking forward to Friday --
Every year the Friday after Thanksgiving marks the official start of Christmas in this house! We pick out and decorate our tree, turn on the Christmas music, and deck the halls!:) We'll be going easy on the decorating this year since the decorator (me) has not been feeling all that great. But I'm still excited to get out the ornaments and watch the girls go to town! This is something that can actually be hard for me (letting the girls go to town decorating). I love a perfect Christmas tree. I love every ornament spaced perfectly and every light placed in just the right spot to illuminate the ornaments in front of them. I need to remember the kids don't want a perfect tree. They want a tree that is 'OURS'( not mine). A tree they had a part in beautifying! And they love every second of it. So no matter how hard it is to see all the ornaments clustered in one spot at the bottom of the tree, I will not fix it! (pray for me on friday..)

I'll be sure to post pics of the tree Friday! Until then..
Enjoy your families and remember your blessings this thanksgiving!
Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Byler Family! Hope you have a wonderful blessed holiday!!

  2. ha.ha.ha. i have the same tree phobia. will tell you that the tree looks better each year they get older...kaden is 7 now, so some ornaments are getting higher! ours is up, and looks much better than last years even-for me, i mean. :) and i did move "a few" when they were sleeping last year...they never knew. ;) missy.