Sunday, November 7, 2010

pregnancy woes

I feel like my body is falling apart.
Being pregnant 4 years ago with Ruby was a breeze, in fact it was a great experience!
This pregnancy...not so much.
Everyday seems to bring a new pain or challenge.
Today my legs are in excruciating pain. I either crawl to where I need to go or Andy carries me (not an easy task these days).

I'm frustrated.
I have not felt like myself in weeks.
I often hide that fact because I feel bad to complain
(I of all people know what a miracle pregnancy is).
I also don't want to show my weakness.
I want to be one of those pregnant women who just glows as she totes her big beautiful belly in front of her.

I'm realizing I just need to admit that I'm not feeling well.
I'm semi miserable.
And I'm wearing compression stockings (talk about sexy).

My apologies if I've been rude to you or if you noticed I was avoiding you at church
(or if I avoid you again next Sunday).

All this complaining to say,
Your prayers would be appreciated.
Andy would appreciate them too:)

Much thanks and love.


  1. sorry to hear you are feeling so bad Sarah. I loved being pregnant, but have forgotten about all the pains, parker was on my sciatic nerve for quite sometime and my job at the hospital required a lot of walking, I was miserable. and even more miserable when my dr. said I was fine to continue working! he moved and it got better but it was tough. even tougher when you have other little ones around. prayers with all of you and hopefully you will feel more like your bubbly self soon!

  2. oh man. i am on it! hope you weren't feeling this bad when you watched my kids...and if you were, i am so sorry! um. and never feel bad to complain in my book. ;) mis.

  3. oh, that just sounds AWFUL....