Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a friend like kim stoltzfus

It is no secret I'm having a difficult and frustrating pregnancy this time around.
I do my best to care for the kids and keep up with daily tasks (all with a good attitude..)
but some days just getting the girls to and from school does me in.

The other week my friend Kim called to check in.
As we wrapped up the phone call she said,
"I'm bringing you a meal. Does Wednesday work?"
That's one thing I love about Kim..she doesn't even ask, she just 'does'.
I started to protest but she just acted like she didn't hear me
and said she'd be over Wednesday.

{How many times have I had a friend who wasn't feeling well, or was overwhelmed and I made that casual "let me know if you need anything!" statement.
In all honesty how many people would actually call and say "I need something"
I know I wouldn't
(unless the call was to my mom).}

Kim just delivered our meal.
It's around 1pm, looking out my window it is one of the yuckiest days I've seen in a while. Not only did she drag herself out in this mess, she came with a huge smile!
Guilt is trying to sneak into my spirit but instead I will choose to be thankful and receive the blessing from my friend.
(my friend who has 4 small children of her own, and whose husband is away..
I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty..)

Thank you Kim, for being a dear friend,
for showing the love of Christ in a simple yet huge way to me..
Thanks for not 'asking' and just doing.
Thank you for blessing me and my family today.

It is my desire to be a friend like, Kim Stoltzfus...

(and to clarify, this was not written in hopes of more meal offers! Just a thank you.)


On a completely different note --

Remember my rant about naked women the other week??
(sorry Kim, I jump from you to naked women..)

This blog post caught my eye a few minutes ago.
They are giving away this fabulous, yet modest skirt!!
OK so the skirt is not my style..
But the words written totally spoke to my heart.
They reminded me to be humble and gracious
(not always my specialty)
when is comes to this touchy subject of modesty.

Check it out..

Modesty and Grace

And don't feel the need to enter me in the contest, my dear friend Jeane' already did;)


  1. Hahaha!!!

    But back to Kim...she's got it. The 'just doing' it bit. So many people will say 'let me know if i can do anything'...putting the effort on the one who is in need, and who would probably never make the call to ask for help. JUST DO IT. So glad you have such an amazing friend who did.

  2. Okay I guess this means that I AM BRINGING YOUR BIRTHDAY cupcakes over tomorrow! If you aren't home, I will try to find a safe spot for them.

  3. makes me think of "You've never had a friend, never had a friend, never had a friend like me!" just so you know, especially since we really aren't friends, more like family, you better call me "if you ever need anything"...i mean seriously, I helped shaved your legs for the first time. :)
    I think you'll like my post today...hop on over

  4. Kelly, I could use some help shaving my legs now actually!!! :o)