Thursday, January 12, 2012

for the men

My last post was about true beauty.
Encouraging women (myself included)
not to listen to the lie the world is telling us about beauty
but instead to seek after the heart of God and allow him
to shine through us, making us beautiful.

Both women and men are bombarded daily
with images of what the world says is beautiful.
Tall, thin, blond...perfect.
We women think this is what you men want!
We are striving to be that perfect woman.
We desperately want to please and satisfy our husbands.
Yet we (or at least I) feel like I fail on a daily basis
because I will never be the perfect woman.
If tall, thin, blond is what Andy wants well I'm plum out of luck..
I'm a 5'0, brunette, who will never be a size 2 again.

Is that what you want, guys?
The perfect looking woman.

Andy assures me this is not what men want.
{not what he wants}

But guys..

Recently, Andy told me that the least important thing to him is my physical beauty.
He would much rather a kind, gracious, humble, loving, gentle wife
than one who was drop dead gorgeous but possessed none of the above attributes.

I will admit..
this was shocking to me.
I just assume men are after the physical beauty.

We need your encouragement guys!
Encourage us to run after God!
Encourage us to cultivate inner beauty!
Tell us you think it's beautiful when we are kind and respectful!
Express your appreciation for an encouraging, supportive wife!
Tell us gentleness is beautiful!

We need to hear this.
We hear lies all day,
if not from the world than from our own minds!
We need truth spoken over us!
Speak truth and life to our hearts!

And since we are complicated creatures
we also need to hear that we are physically beautiful to you.
Regardless of our cellulite, our scars, our rolls, our wrinkles.
We need to know that we are adored.
We are cherished.
We need to know that you are proud to have us on your arm.

Your words of truth and encouragement
will dramatically change the way your wife views herself.
It will dramatically change her confidence,
and that my friends will dramatically change other areas
{if you catch my drift *wink, wink*}

Be men who run after God,
lead your wife!

Now go tell your wife she's beautiful!


  1. Very true. Being blonde doesn't mean you're perfect. What's on the outside doesn't make the real you. I can't wear my hair blonde... I've tried!! But it's not the end of the world. I strive to be the patient gentle loving giving kind woman you mentioned regardless. Regardless of the frustrating issues like pcos (where managing my size 10-12 is soooo hard) God gave me or your lymes disease. It's a struggle every day, but you are what Andy wants and needs!!! I've seen you two! You share more REAL LOVE than most people dream about! And I am blessed too. It's hard. It's not what the majority of Christians would call ideal or right or normal, but I am beyond blessed and loved! You're an inspiration, Sarah, five feet tall doesn't matter to God, Andy, or your adorable children!!

  2. Love it! You are so inspiring, beautiful and full of wisdom! Thank you for sharing!