Sunday, March 4, 2012

truth be told

Most of you know I woke up a few weeks ago
and decided to rip my kitchen apart
so I could paint the cabinets and walls.
It's still ripped apart.
We're getting there!

Today someone at church said to me,
"You're amazing! How do you do it all!?"
Well --
I don't.
Please, please don't think I have it all together,
or that I'm some super woman,
or that I'm painting in heels with perfect hair
(although I know Andy would enjoy that..)

I never, ever want to give that impression!
I never want to pressure others to do it all
because they think everyone else is doing it all!
We can't do it all!
If we choose to paint our kitchen
then chances are the laundry isn't getting done,
and chances are pizza is being ordered far too often,
and chance are socks are being pulled out of the hamper
(eww. I would never do that...)

So here is my house.
This is exactly what it looks like as I sit here and type.
Maybe I should be cleaning?
It's Sunday.

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

The Laundry Room
I mean Living Room

The Foyer

And sadly
My Bathroom

Feel better?

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