Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A few nights ago Andy and I
were relaxing together by watching some TV.
I wasn't really into whatever we were watching
but was enjoying some time to think of nothing.
{i have been praying for a "nothing box" --
it seems my prayers have fallen on deaf ears:)}

Just as I was drifting into nothingness,
a commercial came on that grabbed my attention:

"Are you considering lipo-suction but can't afford it?
Well no worries! We have the answer in this small pill!
It may cause a heart attack, you may go blind,
you will be moody and an absolute @&*!# to anyone who looks at you,
BUT you will be skinny! You will be beautiful! You will be happy!"

There goes my nothing box.
I was instantly in deep thought which turned to deep sadness.
THIS is what we care about.
THIS is what we spend our money on.
THIS is what consumes our thoughts.
THIS is what we think will bring us happiness.
being skinny. being beautiful.


It's not tragic that we want to be beautiful,
what's tragic is what we think beauty is!

The Lord has really been challenging me in this area.
I'm a 32 year old mother of 3,
my best days are behind me.
Or so I thought!

Yes, I've discovered some wrinkles on my forehead,
a chin hair (or 2) , I have cellulite, scars from surgeries,
and a six pack somewhere under the layer of fat.

But I'm realizing I'm gaining something besides weight!
I'm gaining confidence.
Not in myself, but in who God created me to be.
And I assure you God is not focused on my appearance.
He's looking at my heart.

I'm finding beauty comes
when I'm seeking to be more like Christ.
When I've surrender anxiety and fear -- I radiate
When I choose grace instead of anger -- I radiate
When I love the unlovable -- I radiate
When I place all hope in HIM -- I radiate
When I'm running hard after God -- I radiate

HE is beautiful,
the more I'm going after His heart the more his beauty rubs off.

There is a woman at my church who has shown me what true beauty is.
The Lord has repeatedly highlighted her to me.
She is like a magnet!
I just want to be near her.
She is battling cancer right now,
yet she is radiating peace, joy, and hope.
Christ just shines through her!
THAT is beautiful.

Let's stop focusing SO.MUCH. of our energy and our thinking
on our outward appearance.
Let's focus our thoughts on Him!
He will shine through us if we allow him,
and then we will radiate his infectious beauty!

'What matters is not your outer appearance -- the styling of your hair,
the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes --
but your inner disposition.
Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.'
~ 1 Peter 3:3-4

I love that!
Cultivate inner beauty....

What a challenge.

Let's make it our mission to change the definition of beauty.
May God highlight US to encourage the young women we encounter!


  1. That was beautiful, I really enjoy reading your bog. When I look at your pictures and read your posts I see that Christ shines brightly through you. You are a wonderfully beautiful person!!

  2. What a great and inspiring post! I pray that I will be able to stop worrying about the outside and focus on the inside. I admit I struggle! I agree with Tish...Christ does shine beautifully through you inside and out!