Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happy birthday

Andrew Joel

You are an amazing man, Drew.
I am blessed to know you
and I think anyone who knows yo
u would agree.

You have such a quiet, gentle, kind spirit.

Yet I see passion and ambition in your eyes
when you're hard at work running your
own business to provide for your family.

I see love and adoration all over your face as you
read bedtime stories to the girls every night.

I see your heart of compassion as you pray
with the hurting stranger in Lancaster City.

I see the goofball in you that no one else sees
as you play the air guitar while I sing.

And I see your servants heart as you
continually express your love to me by
washing the dishes or making dinner
or taking the girls with you to run errands
or by making a special trip to the gas station to fill up my gas tank
(which you are doing right now as a matter of fact).

You are a special man. A rare find.
I am thankful for your life and thankful to be a part of it.
I pray this next year is full of adventure and fun times,
more God encounters, lots of busy days at market,
and many, many, ordinary, everyday moments
of happiness in our new home with our new addition:)

I love you.
happy birthday!


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