Thursday, January 27, 2011

dreamland and reality

OK. Who else has cabin fever?
Who else loathes snow?
Who else finds themselves in a world of daydreams today?

My mental status is questionable today,
so for everyone's sake I've been drifting in and out of dreamland.
I'd love to remain in this dreamland but alas,
the children need fed, chores need done, and snow needs removed.
(thankfully I'm preggo so I get out of the last job for the most part)

I thought I'd let you sneak into my land of dreams
and show you a bit of the reality..

First and foremost I'm dreaming I'm somewhere tropical.
Ahhh, the warm sun on my back, the smell of coconut sunscreen,
frozen drinks, sand, flip-flops, a sun kissed face and sundress.
Yessssssssssss, this. is. the. life...


12 inches of snow.
A 1/4 mile long driveway (on top of a hill)
No four wheel drive.
Trapped with little munchkins who I adore
but who can drive a person to drink when trapped for 48 hours with them.

As I'm trapped with the munchkins I dream of adult conversation!
A dinner party perhaps!?
Fabulous food and wine with fabulous friends!
We talk and laugh with no interruptions from the littles
as we sit in my new fabulous dining room.
It's simple and cozy, welcoming everyone who enters...


Nothing is welcoming about my home right now.
We are surrounded with boxes and bare walls.
Dust bunnies and cobwebs appearing out of nowhere?!
Piles of 'donate/trash/keep' blocking the pathway from the dining room to the kitchen.
Chaos. Disorganization. Filth.
No dinner party here anytime soon..

As I look over the mess
I drift back to dreamland..
In my dream I am
Eating bacon, eggs, sausage and coffee.
I can't quite tell where I am but I feel happy.
I hear giggles, and I feel strong arms wrap around my waist as I pour the coffee.
I feel at ease. I feel loved. I feel at home.


I'm not in dreamland after all.

I can let my mind drift to paradise.
I can dream of my new home.
But reality is where I really want to be.

(i might still dream of that tropical island though..)


  1. Oh my dear, how (yet again) I can relate!!!!
    But that last picture just puts it all in perspective! Love your post (as usual).

  2. I love this post! I find it amazing how much my visual/physical surroundings affect my emotional state. Sometimes I just have to stop everything and make one little spot peaceful. But I can't always do that. In your post it's like you have a lens and are moving it from your eyes to your mind and back, and in the end to your heart. LOVE that.

  3. Ahhh, can I just join you in our imaginary margaritas on a balmy beach? Your reality looks pretty sweet, too (and not unlike my own). Hang in there-I know that these harsh winters make the coming of spring THAT much more beautiful.