Sunday, December 26, 2010

my gift

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a great day...
but if I'm being completely honest there was an hour {or two}
when I was kinda sad I didn't have any presents to open.
I know, I know I've been going on and on about having more than I need
{obviously i DO have more than enough and was just being ridiculous}
but I guess it is fun to get something new every now and then:)

Just when my pity party was in full swing
my dear sister-in-law, Glenda handed me a gift..
It was my absolute favorite gift of the day
{ok the only gift of the day but it would have still been my fav regardless}

How great is this sign!?

I can't wait to hang it in the nursery!
I might eventually hang it in our living area with pics of all my kids,
they were ALL such an answer to prayer.


So we had a great day with The Bylers on Christmas
and a great day today celebrating with my family.
I love being with family.

And now we are hunkering down for the night as it snows!
I hate snow but have decided to embrace it for tonight
{i will not be embracing it tomorrow if i'm stuck on this hill though}

Enjoy the snow!

She made my sign and blogged about it:) She makes awesome stuff! Take a peek..


  1. What a nice Christmas gift. No shame in wanting new things every once in awhile. Merry Christmas!

  2. great gift! and I am the same, Jason and I don't usually exchange gifts for $ reasons, but it is nice to open something new and wanted/needed!

  3. awww.... what a wonderful gift!

  4. that's so hilarious. i check her blog, and wanted this sign...thought i would try to copy and make one...guess i will keep looking... ;) don't ya love your new pregnancy ticker... mis.

  5. Thanks for your comment - I'm so glad you liked the sign! I think I'll make one for myself when I get the time! Blessings to you and your pregnancy!! You're a beautiful mama-to-be! :)