Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas cards

Can I just say that

l love checking the mailbox the month of December!
Instead of just a pile of bills waiting to greet us
there are cards, cards, cards just waiting to be ripped open!
I must say it is the highlight of my day these days.
I love getting mail.
I mean 'real' mail.
Not an email, or facebook message
but a handwritten card,
Or a photo of friends that I can hang in my kitchen.

I will be the first to admit I often send birthday wishes,
thank yous, encouraging words, etc.
via computer. Why not?
But there is just something so fun about getting snail mail.

So thanks for all the Christmas greetings!
I truly enjoy every card and picture (as do my kids)!
I am reminded how blessed I am to have so many wonderful
family and friends in my life.
(there I go again, thanking you via computer!)


  1. You will be getting mine in the mail Tuesday...or Wed...or Thursday...or...well, it depends when I can finally get out and buy stamps! We love your card- you should have put your belly on it!

  2. I SO agree with you!!!! So sad it's over!! Next year, let's send each other one! ;)