Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the simple way.

This week our History lesson is on Daniel Boone
(did you know he named his gun Tick-Licker? Very interesting).

As we read about Daniel Boone and his discovery of Kentucky,
I am drawn to the simplicity of his time.
Sure there was no road from Virginia to Kentucky.
And there were Indians lurking behind every corner.
Sure one or two people didn't make it to Kentucky because of "the fever" 
or some other strange disease.
But there is something beautiful in his journey.
The love of nature.
The hard work yet simple way of living.
Hunt for your food.
Make your clothes.
Work to simply live.
Not live to work.

I have also recently read the Little House books to the girls.
Again, hard workers yet such a simple life.
Listening to Pa play the fiddle around the fire every night.
Finding joy in reading a book as a family.
Dolls made out of corn stalks for goodness sake!

We canceled our cable this week.
Right before an Eagles game that would only be aired on ESPN.
(not sure Andy thought that one through)
The original plan was for him to go to a friends house to watch it.
But then we did the unthinkable...
we dug out our old radio and LISTENED to the game!
Andy in his recliner with a beer and me at his side,
 just listening to a football game.
This was my version of listening to Pa play the fiddle by the fire.

I am craving simplicity.
I am craving a life that includes hard work minus the rush.
The rush is stealing my joy.
My peace.
And in turn stealing the joy and the peace of my family.

This constant rat race is sucking the life out of me.
So. I'm done.
I know this will not be the norm and I know many people won't understand this decision.
I am saying goodbye to all activities outside of my home for this busy season we are in.
We live in a society that says we can do it all!
We can be amazing mothers while building our careers, pursuing our personal dreams
and we are too look amazing doing it!
These women may exist. And more power to you if you are one of them!
I however, am NOT.
And guess what?
That's OK.

I am an amazing mother. 
I really am.
But I have allowed distractions and unrealistic expectations of myself to
turn me into a stressed out, exhausted, grouchy, mother.

As I step away from things and begin to refocus,
I am seeing for the first time that I'm good at this mothering thing.
And I actually really enjoy it!
When I take the TIME to enjoy it.

Don't get me wrong
it is HARD WORK!
But hard work is not what I'm separating myself from.

I want to have time to notice the beautiful cornfields against the blue sky.
I want to sit around the dinner table with my family without rushing off to the next event.
I want to dry the dishes with my girls and talk to them.
I want to sit at my husbands side and listen to the football game on the radio.
I want the simple life.

Saying goodbye to the rat race is actually painful at times as I say goodbye 
to some of my dreams and goals, and probably even some friends who won't understand.
But the peace and joy that lies ahead for myself and my family is worth the short-lived pain.

This life is short and precious and beautiful.
I want to experience the beauty.
I want to live a life of love, joy and peace the way God intended me too.

"The battle for our hearts are fought on the pages of our calendars" - Bob Goff

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