Tuesday, August 7, 2012

shut yo mouth!

Well hellooooo! 
How are ya?
I'm good. 
Why haven't I been blogging you ask?
Well quite frankly I have nothing interesting to say.
I update my facebook status daily, I tweet, I blog
and then I think:
Who cares!?
Who cares that I drank a smoothie for lunch?
Who cares that my kids are undeniably the cutest things alive
{hence all the photos of them}?
Who cares about my random thoughts?
Yet, I continue. 

SO if you care, please keep reading.
If not, that's OK too.

I felt incredibly impressed to write this.
On Sunday night at my dad's birthday party,
I found myself talking smack on people.
Laughing at someone's awful haircut.
Then earnestly listening to the gossip on so and so's divorce.
Then laughing again about the haircut.
(don't worry it wasn't you!!)

Why the public confession of my sin?
Because since that night I have thought it over a thousand times.
Why did I feel the need to tear someone down?
Someone who wasn't even there.
I surely wouldn't have said that to their face!
{in fact I would probably have smiled and said, "Oh I like your hair!"}
[don't even act like you've never done that.]

Why do we do this?
Why is it entertainment to talk about someone else's pain?
Why do we critique and criticize others?
Because we are perfect, right?

My heart desires to be a lover.
A lover of people.
An encourager.
A woman who speaks life.
And our words ARE that powerful! 
They can destroy.

Let's be a people who ooze love.
Let's not get caught in the trap of gossip or trash talk.
Let's rise above and be an example to those around us,
 whether it be co-workers, friends, or our children.
Let our words speak truth and life.
May our mouths overflow with goodness and laughter and kindness 
and grace and joy
because our hearts cannot contain it all!!

Let's do it.

So next time you find yourself tempted to say something unkind, or rude, or just unnecessary,
may I suggest you


  1. I must confess I did that today to...thank you for putting me in my place! I am going to speak Enocuragement..goodness and life! Love ya!

  2. I can still tease Andy when the Pats crush the Eagles, right?