Tuesday, November 18, 2014

goodbye world.

So maybe my title is a bit dramatic.
Maybe it should say goodbye facebook world.
I like to be dramatic though.
And I'm only saying goodbye for a short time
(at least I think).

God is calling me out of my comfort zone.

My comfort zone has always been on the stage.
With a microphone.
It feels like my home.
Where I belong.

On Sunday as we gathered with our church family to worship,
my heart ached to be on that stage leading.
But God said, 
"not right now, Sarah."


Instead he is calling me to the most uncomfortable thing I can imagine.
Just looking at that word sends a mild panic attack through my body.
Silence is so boring.
It's lonely.
Did I say boring?

I like fun!
I like parties!
And dancing!
And silliness!
I like small talk and chit chat!
I like updating my status and interacting with you all!

But alas.
God is asking me to retreat into solitude.
I think this will truly be one of my greatest tests!
It may be one of Andy's too since he'll have to hear all of the things I usually share with you!

I'll leave my page up for a week so you can all digest this shocking news.
Or because I'm just not quite ready and I'm stalling...

I plan to be logged off until after Christmas.
So. Here are a few things I would have probably shared if I was on facebook:

*We are hosting thanksgiving in one hour and I'm still in my pajamas!
(oh wait. that was my status last thanksgiving.)

*10 years ago today our beautiful daughter was born. Where has the time gone?
Happy Birthday Sophie!
   ~insert adorable photo~

*Great night at the gym flipping some tires and doing some pushups!
 ~insert badass photo of myself~

*Photo of our Christmas tree

oh that reminds me...

*For the sake of our new simple life we will not be doing Christmas cards this year so:
Merry Christmas from The Bylers!

I think that covers the major events.

Although I'm hesitant and afraid
I know the Lord only wants the absolute best for me.
There is a reason behind of all of this and I know it is good.
Because my God is good.
I'm excited to see whatever it is he wants to show me.

So long my friends!

Well...in a week.... 

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  1. As you know, I love this! It will be a good time to realign and focus on Him (and maybe gain clarity on the next step!) Love ya!