Thursday, April 14, 2011

in our spare time...

Holy. Cow.
I'm pooped.
Isn't that how my last post started?
Yes, yes it is.

In addition to daily life and unpacking
we've decided to fill our spare time doing this ...

The above rooms are our dining room and family room
which we are preparing to paint.
So far we've stripped wallpaper, did some sanding and priming,
and will begin painting tomorrow!
Actually our good friend, Gary has offered to do the painting.
We're just doing the prep work.

I'm super excited (and a tinsy bit nervous)
to see my vision come to life.
Hopefully the reality is as good as the picture in my mind!
I love doing stuff like this!
Gives me a break from laundry and dishes :)

And just an FYI
most of you know but I've had a few
confused friends --

As Andy and I began the building process it became
very clear this was NOT the direction we were to be taking.
We did not have a peace about any of it and as much as we wanted to build
we could not go through with it in good conscience.
But we had already sold our house...quite a predicament.
Until we got a call from Andy's aunt (a realtor)
saying she thought we should look at the house for sale that was
RIGHT NEXT to the property where we were going to build.
We walked through, prayed, slept on it and
and quickly knew it was our house.
I love old houses. I love the character.
(ok sometimes i dislike the character --
like the stair well that is so narrow you can hardly fit your mattress up)

But this house is even more special since
Andy's grandparents built it and his father was BORN and raised here.
FUN, huh!?

So that's the scoop!
And that's why we are scraping wallpaper and painting
our 'NEW' house.

I'll post some pics when we finish painting!

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  1. Great Photos, and story. I have to admit it's a little weird seeing someone else living in our house, but such a blessing to know there is a new young family enjoying the house as much as our family did for 33 years.
    Every time I see your kids playing on the deck or in the yard it brings back special memories of times we had with our kids when they were little. So best wishes, may God continue to bless you and your family as you grow together. Deb and I look forward to being your "next door" neighbors soon!

    -Mike and Debbie Fisher