Wednesday, April 6, 2011

exhaustion, tears, and grace.

Holy. Cow.
I'm pooped.
This whole no sleep thing is for the birds.
Ezra is doing great and adjusting to a 3rd child has been easier than I thought,
only because I {kinda} know what I am doing.
BUT life never stops!
Someone is always in need of something.

I have to laugh and share this:
Yesterday was a BAD day.
I was running on very little sleep and was in the grouchiest mood ever.
Sophie happened to be grouchy as well.
{not a good combo}
Well by the end of the day Sophie and I had had it with each other.
Andy walked in the door after a long day at market and I think all 4 of us
{Sophie, Ruby, Ezra and myself}
were ALL crying.
It's funny now but at the time I wanted to run away for a little while.
And I'm pretty sure Andy did too!
Lucky for him he had another long market day today:)

Today was much better
{probably because Ezra slept 6 hours straight last night - hooray}
We had several visitors, did some baking, and no tears:)

I have been so thankful for God's grace
and faithfulness the past few weeks.

I'm still waking up at 5am but not to spend time with the Lord.
I'm feeding Ezra with one eye open and then the girls
are up and rearing to go and they are going until 8pm
I get Ezra settled and fed for bed and then I --

I have not had my daily time with Jesus
{I talk w/ him all day as I do my work}
but just sitting and soaking in His presence
has not happened for quite awhile.

I miss it terribly. Oh how I miss it.
But He is faithful. I often feel him close,
even though I haven't taken the time to meet with him
he is still faithful to meet with me when I need it the most.
I've realized more than ever how much I NEED Him.
I need his strength and grace to get me through these long days.
I am astounded and thankful that he is faithful
even when I am not.

So tonight I go to bed exhausted but knowing that
His mercies are new every morning.

Looking forward to tomorrow
{Andy's day off!}
Maybe I can catch a nap and some QT with Jesus!



  1. It's a season. I'm sure you'll find your groove. :)

    I like to think of those crazy times as sacred chaos. I'm at my most desperate and Jesus is still there.

    Praying for you.

  2. I understand how you feel, being a mother of 3 little goose, (almost 4, 2.5 years old and our teething/nursing all night 10 months old)!!!!

    Most days are a blur but Joshua 1:8 get me trough those days where I do not have any time alone (I mean not even a "alone" potty break LOL)

    Do not let this book of the law depart from you you, meditate on it night and days...

    Verse 9 goes something like this "do not me afraid or anxious, I'll be there wherever you go" (that is just before going to the promise land)

    Scripture memory is a great tool for us busy Mama!!!

    we use this to help our little one to memorize the Word, and I like it because it helps me too :-)

  3. yep. seeds family worship totally rocks. it helps ME memorize the word, who am i kidding? :)

  4. Hey Sarah,

    So I have NO clue how I stumbled upon your blog. But I love it. I also get inspired often by your tweets. I am so glad that you are a beautiful Jesus follower! Isn't life SO much easier with Him!? I can honestly say that I do not have a special time with the Lord every day, but reading your posts and tweets is really pushing me in that direction. My excuse (as of late) was that I was still getting up to nurse the baby, but he weaned last week. So now I have no excuse and must get my butt in gear.

    All that to say thanks. Thanks for being an inspiration! I have no idea where you live, but if it were close I think we would be great friends!


  5. I am just a text message or phone call away.. Please let me know if you need help. I am free next Wed (almost 100%).

  6. Yes I would be in this same place right now, in fact my chat message states "somebody is probably crying,hopefully it's not me". This is such a trying time these first few weeks.

    But 6 hours! Praise him! I'm a bit envious. I have gotten 5 but it's always (of course)starting at 7 or 8pm and I am busy catching up on what gets neglected during the day!